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Full Face Scuba Mask Benefits

Do you know what are the full face scuba mask benefits? A full-face mask is, as the name suggest, a dive mask that covers the entire face. Rather than having a dive mask covering your eyes and nose, and a regulator in your mouth, you incorporate both. By incorporating the regulatory authority right into the mask, the diver does not need to hold on to the regulator in the mouth, and it frees up the mouth for speaking. This can be finished with a special undersea radio intercom system.

Full Face Scuba Mask BenefitsShould you make the switch? Here’s the Pros and cons of diving with a full face mask. Previously only the clinical and business scuba divers, a tiny yet growing variety of leisure scuba divers are making the switch to full-face diving masks. Accordingly, a number of producers of full-face diving masks have started making “entry level” products, less costly masks focused on the entertainment scuba diver as opposed to the business one. There are variety of benefits to these, yet also some drawbacks, and even some problems.

There are plenty of various types of masks to attempt and much of your variety will certainly be down to the shape of your face and also your personal preferences. Regardless of these, you ought to constantly choose a high quality dive mask that has a 100% medical quality silicone seal. Lots of makers do not mark on the packaging or the mask that the seal is 100% silicone so you will certainly need to do some study right here or count on the sincerity of the shop aide. A qualified eye will be able to tell the difference between an ONE HUNDRED% silicone mask and a substandard rubber replacement, beware nonetheless, as several manufacturers do not utilize ONE HUNDRED% silicone in their seals (names such as Silitex must be stayed clear of as they are not 100% silicone.) Masks that are not ONE HUNDRED% silicone will have the tendency to solidify, split, split and warp gradually, indicating that even if they were a perfect fit for you initially, eventually they will leakage. The added benefit of silicone is that it is a really sanitary product.


Probably the main factor for a lot of those who change. By integrated undersea intercom systems, you can talk with your dive friend, the surface area boat, and also any individual else who is on the exact same stations. A massive advantage to scuba divers doing search and also recovery, or other task that calls for better underwater communication compared to standard hand indicators can take care of.


As opposed to just a single strap holding the mask in position, the full-face mask has numerous independent bands that need to be put around your head, making a mask loss much less most likely. After usage, rinse your mask in freshwater. Warmer freshwater has actually the added benefit of more readily liquefying any kind of salt fragments from your equipment. A small amount of cleaning agent might be added if desired such as recipe washing fluid. Milton option (normally utilized for sterilising babies bottles!) is exceptional for rescuing clear silicone masks which could commonly transform discoloured with time. When washed, enable to dry thoroughly and shop in an awesome dry place out of direct sunshine. Whilst silicone is basically undestroyable, in tropical locations, roaches enjoy to consume silicone so beware! With proper treatment, your mask will certainly last you for several years ahead. I still have my original dive mask from 15 years earlier and also just changed it since I wanted a various colour!


Due to the fact that the regulator is integrated, there’s much less risk that a diver will shed the regulator by accident throughout a dive. And for people with some type of oral or jaw issue, it gets rid of the need to hold on to the mouthpiece. Many scuba divers wear call us lens whilst diving and this is perfectly secure thinking that the lens are gas permeable which your eye doctor has actually not suggested otherwise. Be ready however, that if you flooding your mask, you run the risk of shedding a lens, so lugging a replacement collection of lens when diving is advisable.

Many dive shops will bring a variety of restorative lens in both plus and also minus prescriptions in 0.5 dioptre increments. These lenses are pre-cut for a certain mask design that will typically have a split display choice to permit various prescriptions to be fitted separately for every eye. An experienced sales aide will be able to fit such lens in an issue of mins. Dued to the fact that the variety of masks that pre-cut authoritative lens can be fitted to nonetheless, you will have to be pleased that the particular mask is a great suitable for you and fulfills your requirements.


The best full-face dive masks enable almost 180 level vision, more than any type of standard dive mask. Lastly, I suggest buying a mask tamer band (or “slap band”) to fit to your mask. Mask tamers are merely neoprene sleeves that fit onto your mask band and also help secure your hair from being captured in your strap. Even if you have little or no hair, a strap with a tamer is much more comfy and makes certain very easy band positioning. Choose one that is brightly coloured to ensure that your buddy could quickly acknowledge you. It is a smart idea to write your name on the inside of your mask tamer with an irreversible marker so that you can readily recognize your tools specifically when several scuba divers have comparable tools. A mask with a tamer has actually the included advantage that it will certainly float if gone down (or sink really slowly with a snorkel affixed) to aid avoid equipment loss.

Full Face Dive Mask Pros Cons

What are the full face dive mask pros cons? The major drawback is the cost. These masks utilized to be a lot more budget-friendly, however the rate has actually just recently increased a fair bit. We’re not exactly sure why, however my best assumption is that the product was still being developed, possibly a proof of concept. Regardless, it will be difficult to locate this thing for under $200, specifically when consisting of tax and potentially delivery. Actually, you will certainly probably be taking a look at something in the $300 range (all in).

Full-face masks are expensive, with prices ranging from $600 to $1,600 for a mask. And also they are obviously a fair bit heavier for dive travel than a conventional mask. And also for maximum benefit and security, and added training course being used your brand-new full-face mask needs to be thought about, usually a cost of $500 or two. This is even more of a problem than an issue, and certainly an issue of taste. However while I see, and have actually experienced, the advantage of speaking to your buddies and dive watercraft while doing a complex dive, such as a look for an accident. I still like the peacefulness and calm of diving. Nobody can speak with me underwater, and also I fairly like that. A full-face mask would certainly somewhat take that away, and personally, I would not such as that.


A full-face mask is much less likely to flooding, however it does occur. And when it does, it is that much more challenging to clear, because of the larger volume. And the fact that breathing might not be feasible as long as it is swamped, depending on just how much water remains in the mask.


The numerous straps involved means that placing it on is more difficult compared to with a typical mask, and if not positioned effectively, it could flooding or diminish.


Drop a conventional dive mask, and you can normally take your time looking for it and putting it back on. Or merely pull a reserve from a pocket. Go down a full-face mask, and you lose both your mask and also regulatory authority, so instantly you should relocate that much quicker. The regulatory authority hose pipe will the good news is secure the mask to you, so discovering it should be rather quick.


I’ve plunged with a couple of full-face mask fanatics who had managed to forget several of the basic hand indicators, because they were used to being able to talk to their dive pals. Yet when they found themselves diving with divers that just weren’t making use of a full-face mask, or when the intercom system in their full-face mask had not been working, they were battling to interact. The very same could be stated for basic dive skills such as mask clearing up of traditional mask or regulatory authority recuperation techniques. This can end up being necessary if making use of a typical mask for whatever factor. It’s actually an issue of preferences, if you intend to go full-face dive mask, or traditional regulator and also mask. Have you tried or are you using a full-face dive mask? Share your encounters.

There are many different kinds of masks to attempt and also a lot of your variety will be down to the shape of your face and your personal preferences. No matter these, you ought to constantly opt for a high quality dive mask that has an ONE HUNDRED % surgical grade silicone seal. Lots of manufacturers do not mark on the product packaging or the mask that the seal is 100% silicone so you will need to do some research study right here or rely on the honesty of the store aide.

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